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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

Which technologies are you likely to spend the most money on to serve your accounts, your business, or your clients in 2015?

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones
Predictive analytic software
Cloud services
Social media

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The John Liner Review

The Quarterly Review of Advanced Risk Management Strategies

Written by experts, for experts, each issue brings you the latest, most innovative thinking in risk management and business insurance.

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Risk Management Updates
Risk Management and
Insurance Audit Techniques

Two-Volume In-Depth Guide to Risk Management
The most complete and accurate guide to coverages, rating plans, risk management, and alternatives to insurance on the market today. Available in hardcover, on CD and in an online edition. 
Bank Insurance and
Risk Management

Financial institutions have unique risks -- especially today. Get the reference that shows you how to structure a risk management program specifically for financial institutions. Updated quarterly to keep you up-to-date.

The John Liner Letter
Understanding Employer Defenses (JLL 5/15)

Although the workers compensation system is generally a no-fault system, most states allow employers to assert certain defenses to claims. This Letter looks at those defenses and recent litigation among the states.

CSR Advisor
The CSR Advisor (CSR 5/15)

In This Issue: Coverage notes: Are you ready for the drone invasion?;  Industry Insight: E&O coverage for illegal phone solicitations;  Professional growth: Socializing with customers;  A look at the law: Son is not “resident relative”;  Test your knowledge: Navigable waters and the LHWCA;  Two-minute memo: Foreclosures and coverage;  Monthly quiz: Workers compensation coverage

Workers Compensation Outlook
Criminal Conduct Not Intentional Wrong (WCO 5/15)

Readers Ask: Occasionally we receive letters from subscribers asking for directed comments about particular concerns or for an elaboration on subjects in past issues. This issue is devoted to recent inquiries.

Special Reports and Articles for Purchase
Articles from recent issues of The John Liner Review are now available for purchase. Click here.

When workers compensation rates go up, get the reference you can count on.

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