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The Not-So-Tangled Web

By: ELA (Wed, Jun/03/2009)

The Internet is a wonderful, magical place. I have no idea how it works, nor do I particularly care. All I know is that I can, at any time, watch Youtube videos of a Scottish fold cat called Maru who lives in Japan play with a large box and I am as entertained as he is, possibly more so. I can also let readers of The Standard know about important insurance announcements quickly, with the promise of even more coverage in our traditional print edition.

We’ve been getting wonderful responses to our digital edition of The Standard and there are just as many readers who favor getting their insurance news in the time-tested paper format (I like it, too. You have no idea how wonderful the freshly printed magazines smell and there’s no match for the gentle, crackling noise of flipping through the pages. But, you know, the Internet smells okay, too.)

Naturally, though, I would imagine there’s more that we can be doing to perk up our Internet presence. I like to think that I, too, can be as entertaining as an oddly expressive cat toying with a feather – and I’m willing to bet Maru doesn’t have nearly as many opinions about Massachusetts automobile insurance. Therefore, we’re hoping to make our subscriber forums here on The Standard Web site a bit more interactive. That actually depends more on you, the reader, however. And I’m Twittering about regional and breaking news (! Sometimes, when I get around to it.

We’re providing everything you’d like to know about insurance in 140 characters or less. So, please do visit The Standard on the Internet, where you’ll find the same useful information in a slightly different format (
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