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The Sound of Settling*

By: ELA (Thu, Jul/12/2007)

In entertainment news, performer Avril Lavigne is being sued by a 1970s music group called The Rubinoos, who say she heisted lyrics for her song "Girlfriend" from their song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." Given that Lavigne's irritatingly catchy song has been running on a loop on most Boston radio stations, it's firmly lodged in the brain cells I reserve for remembering songs and as far as I'm concerned, The Rubinoos might want to rethink claiming any part of a song that includes the phrase "She's like, so whatever."
However, Lavigne's people have publicly disavowed any lyrical thievery and that the only similarities rest in five words (four of them being "hey" and "you"). But – and this is where insurance ties in, for anyone that thought they'd suddenly flipped to the Web site of Entertainment Weekly – her manager also noted that they might settle out of court with The Rubinoos, because Lavigne has insurance for this type of lawsuit.
Now, Avril Lavigne is free to send any such messages she wants to the public relating to use of copious amounts of black eyeliner or excessive sneering. But on insurance? I rather think it's a bad idea to signal to her impressionable fans that insurance is a cure-all for allegedly groundless lawsuits. Tsk, tsk.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I have borrowed the title for this portion of the editorial from super-band Death Cab for Cutie, which appropriated its name from the title of a song parody from the Bonzo Dog Band.
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