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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Fall 2009

Managing Through the Turbulence

by Donna Galer
6-page PDF

As the economy stabilizes, well-managed insurers are in a position to grow.

Surviving in Turbulent Times

by Jerry Theodorou
15-page PDF

"The survey says ..." Management-level employees of insurance companies rate many risks and how well their company manages such risks.

Managing the Complex Challenges of a Global Insurance Program: Foreign Clinical Trials Case Study  

by Lee W. Farrow and Robert J. Gaffney
6-page PDF

Clinical trials present unique risk management challenges -- and when they are conducted overseas, the demands on risk managers become more complex.

The Future of Class Actions in the European Union

by John Evans, James Barratt, and Collette Rawnsley
12-page PDF

The U.K. Office of Fair Trading has made many recommendations aimed at preventing the development of a U.S.-style "litigation culture."

Consumer Product Safety Notification Requirements: Section 15 of the Consumer Product Safety Act  

by Eric A. Rubel
12-page PDF

Consumer products should be safer than ever after expansion of rules for reporting faulty products and increased penalties for noncompliance.

Changing Perspectives on Chemical Product Risks

by Monica M. Welt and Elizabeth L. Anderson
15-page PDF

Scientific advances in chemical detection have had an impact on current toxic tort litigation.

ERM and Pandemics, Part 2 The Military Model: Changing the Outcome
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Kenneth R. Rado, Robert J. Schneider, and Michael H. Hoffman
7-page PDF

Private enterprise can learn from the military in dealing with a pandemic.

Best Practices in Enterprise Risk Technology
ERM Process and Technology

by Angus Rhodes and Laurie Champion
5-page PDF

Taking an enterprisewide view of risk requires technological support.

Recession-Proofing Work Force Productivity: How Employers Are Managing Disability in a Downturn Economy

by Tammy Bradly
8-page PDF

How a company manages disability during a recession can have long-term repercussions when the economy turns around.

"Death of Company": Insurance Coverage in Bankruptcy
Insurance Strategies

by Joshua Gold
6-page PDF

An insurer may not deny a claim due to the insured's bankruptcy. If a claim denial led directly to bankruptcy, the insurer may be liable to the insured for damages.

Product Degradation: When New Becomes Old
Loss Control

by Peter Dion
6-page PDF

Product degradation can occur throughout the life cycle of a product, presenting risks to consumers and manufacturers..

Do Clothes Make the Man?
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

The "World's Best Dressed" fraudster was a fraudster nonetheless.

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