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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Spring 2008

Managing Property Terrorism Risk in 2008 and Beyond

by Jill Dalton
12-page PDF

The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 allows stability in the terrorism insurance and reinsurance markets.

Environmental Insurance: Helping Turn Old Military Bases Into Something New
by Robert P. Hallenbeck, Jr.
10-page PDF

Former military bases present a variety of environmental issues, most of which can be addressed by one or several environmental insurance policies.

Contracts: Risk Management Issues and Solutions  

by R. Scott Ecker
10-page PDF

Contracts allow the business world to function. A risk manager must be aware of the pitfalls in the contracts a business is asked to sign, as well as in the contracts it requires.

Jurisdictional Intervention: The True Cost to Rebuild

by Christopher J. Boggs
14-page PDF

After a building is damaged, the cost to rebuild may include improvements necessary to meet current building codes as well as additional time needed to do so. Ordinance or law coverage for these added expenses.

Combating Food Allergy Risks in the Hospitality Industry

by Diana Craig, A.V. Riswadkar, and The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
13-page PDF

Millions of people suffer from food allergies. Knowledge of allergens is an important factor in managing risk for food processing or food service establishments.

Beyond Energy: Financial Service Opportunities in the Arabian Gulf  

by Michael R. Koblenz and Russell Witten
7-page PDF

The Arabian Gulf provides an attractive opportunity for firms engaged in financial services, particularly insurance and reinsurance providers and intermediaries.

A Question of Procedure
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
6-page PDF

The procedural aspects of the arbitration process can be as important as the substantive aspects. Here is a case that highlights that fact.

Limitations on Privilege When Attorneys Act as Claims Handlers
Insurance Strategies

by Marshall Gilinsky, Esq.
6-page PDF

Claims investigation, although performed by a lawyer, is deemed by courts to be ordinary business of insurance and, therefore, not protected by the attorney-client or work-product privilege.

Minimizing Collection of Worthless Data

by Thomas E. Nelson
5-page PDF

Collection of required but useless data, presented in a non-standardized manner, just to get a quote creates a burden for agents and brokers and is of no value for insurers. Here are some issues that must be addressed.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: A Primer
Issues in Employment

by Frances Railey
5-page PDF

Proper risk management procedures can reduce the likelihood of an employment related loss, and employment practices liability insurance can lessen the impact if such a loss occurs.

Next Steps Toward a More Practical ERM Application

by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider
5-page PDF

Successful enterprise risk management (ERM) requires full use of existing analytics and development of new ones as risks and ERM evolve.

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