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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Spring 2011

P&C Insurance Industry: A Retrospective 1987-2011

by Donna Galer
11-page PDF

For 25 years, The John Liner Review has covered the risk management industry. What have we learned?

Employee Benefits Reserving and Financial Projections for Self-Insured and Captive Programs

by Steven Keshner
8-page PDF

Actuaries assure all risks are covered by reserves.

Designing Liability Protection for Directors and Officers  

by James D. Wing, Esq., and William E. Dixon
16-page PDF

Most bylaw protections for directors and officers are outdated and insufficient when viewed in the light of current prosecutorial charging standards and recent case law.

Contractors and Consultants Face Increasingly Strict Environmental Laws

by Barbara Deas and William P. Hazelton
10-page PDF

Environmental liabilities in the construction industry need insurance solutions.

Ten Trends in Workers Compensation You Can't Ignore  

by Katherine E. Allnutt, Esq.
6-page PDF

This article examines the workers compensation outlook for 2011 and 10 trends that should be heeded.

Omission Impossible?
Insurance Strategies Column

by Diana Shafter Gliedman
7-page PDF

Errors and omissions insurance policies protect against the risk of malpractice claims. Far too often, seeking coverage under these policies is rife with risk of its own.

Risk Management and Capital Competition
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Kenneth R. Rado, Robert J. Schneider, and Michael H. Hoffman
6-page PDF

ERM should impact organizational efficiency by improving capital allocation.

Taking a Fall — the Aging Population and Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
Loss Control

by Helene Browning and Clayton Shoup
7-page PDF

Fall prevention plans can reduce the severity and frequency of accidents at work.

Broker Beware
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

Examining the duty-to-read defense from a fairness standpoint.

A Field Guide to Workers' Compensation: A Holistic Approach to Improving the Health, Safety and Productivity of Human Capital
Book Review

by Jean Lucey
3-page PDF

This book provides advice on human capital management from 14 experts.

When workers compensation rates go up, get the reference you can count on.

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