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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Summer 2008

Pandemic: How Unprepared Are We?

by Geary W. Sikich
23-page PDF

The threat of a pandemic is real. Here's what to expect when a pandemic strikes and how to prepare your business for survival.

Managing the Emerging Risks of Nanotechnology

by Connie Germano
9-page PDF

Rapidly evolving nanotechnologies pose risk management challenges as medical research and government regulation lag market development.

London 2012: Olympic Risk, Risk Management, and Olymponomics  

by Will Jennings
7-page PDF

For the biggest event in the world, the potential hazards and uncertainties are as pronounced as the prospective awards.

Managing the Risks of Patents:
Changes on the Horizon for Business Method Patents

by John R. Harris
16-page PDF

An appeals court is expected to reconsider the State Street Bank case on business method patents. Patent reforms are needed but stalled.

The Regulation of Captives  

by Michael R. Mead
7-page PDF

Traditional regulation is inadequate in many ways to regulate captives. This article proposes a separate regulatory body for captives.

E-Discovery Rules and Risks: Understanding the Real-World Rules for the Virtual World of Electronic Documentation

by Mike Herlihy and Gregg Bundschuh
8-page PDF

Because anything you write could be held against you in a court of law, it is important to understand proper creation — and prudent handling — of your electronic documents.

Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage for Subprime Liabilities: We Have Been Here Before
Insurance Strategies

by James Fournier
4-page PDF

Many issues regarding directors and officers insurance coverage for subprime liabilities were raised in the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s — and are likely to arise again.

"Satisficing" Is Not Satisfying in the Long Run
Agent-Broker Perspective

by Thomas E. Nelson
4-page PDF

Satisficing — accepting a less-than-optimal solution to a problem — is sometimes tempting, but usually isn't a good idea.

"Certificates of Insurance" and "Additional Insured" Coverage: Maximize Value and Avoid Pitfalls
Coverage Issues

by Robyn Anderson
5-page PDF

Certificates of insurance are not a foolproof way to ensure that you have the additional insured coverage you need. Here's what to ask for as proof of appropriate coverage.

On Visibility and Reputational Damage Control
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
5-page PDF

"Everyone knows" what lawyers do. Since their work product is readily accessible, lawyers need to be careful about how they present themselves and their occupational output.

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