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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Summer 2009

Product Recalls: Recall Prevention Strategies to Reduce Product Liability Risk

by Arthur Miller, Bradley Murlick, and Melanie Neumann
11-page PDF

Upstream suppliers can cause a firm to recall a product. Plans should be in place to minimize risk from suppliers and to conduct an effective recall when required.

Emerging Solutions for Risk Transfer in Product Liability

by Andrea Tecce, James Deaver, and Robert Jacobs
10-page PDF

Product-related liability risks can often be transferred through old-fashioned insurance or more innovative methods.

Asbestos Claims and Litigation  

by Robin Cantor, Mary Lyman, and Richard Reiss
11-page PDF

Mass tort litigation surrounding asbestos claims is the poster child for product liability issues.

New on the Horizon: Nanotechnology

by Lynn L. Bergeson
12-page PDF

The uncertainties surrounding nanotechnology may lead to potential product liabilities in the future.

Strategic Enterprise Risk Management and Pharmaceuticals  

by Cathy Burgess, Steve Niedelman, and John Fleder
10-page PDF

One of the fundamental requirements for pharmaceutical risk management is that quality, safety, and effectiveness must be built into a product.

Perspectives From Europe: A Pan-European Tour of a Changing Landscape

by John Evans, James Barratt, and Collette Rawnsley
11-page PDF

Product liability issues are managed somewhat differently in the European Union than in the United States, in part due to the new European Product Safety Directive.

Private Product-Risk Assessment and the Role of Government

by E. Donald Elliott and Gail Charnley Elliott
10-page PDF

The U.S. laws regarding strict liability create incentives for manufacturers to conduct appropriate testing of products before putting them on the market.

Enterprise Risk Management and Pandemic Outbreaks
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider
5-page PDF

When the Spanish flu hit in 1918, there was no ERM. If ERM principles has been applied, would the outcome have been different?

Balancing the Risks of Remote Working: Walking the Telecommuting Line

by Amit Riswadkar and A.V. Riswadkar
6-page PDF

Telecommuting comes with its own risks regarding security and worker safety. Here's how to handle some of those risks.

Insurance Coverage for the Alleged Sale of Counterfeit Goods
Insurance Strategies

by Diana Shafter Gliedman and Kanishka Agarwala
5-page PDF

Alleged trademark counterfeiting may be covered under older or currently endorsed CGL policies.

The Near Impossibility of Anti-Insurer Polemics
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

Kidnap and ransom insurance is not as "impossible" as some attorneys for insureds contend. This attorney for insurers offers a rebuttal.

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