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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Summer 2011

Lessons Learned From the Disaster in Japan

by Bruce E. Wimmer
5-page PDF

What should the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan teach risk managers about supplier failure, manufacturing disruption, IT failure, and logistics disruption and failure?

Errors & Omissions "Hotspots" and How to Address Them

by Curtis M. Pearsall and James T. Scamby, Esq.
14-page PDF

The majority of errors and omissions claims relate back to the failure to secure proper coverage.

The Impact of Budgetary Constraints on the
Risk Management Function in Higher Education

by J. Tim Query
9-page PDF

Despite the pressure on state budgets in this economy, the acceptance of ERM concepts and their implementation appears to be continuing in the higher education setting.

Transitioning to the Motor Carrier Coverage Form:
A Scenario-Based Truck Claims Comparison

by Arthur L. Flitner and Carl R. Sadler
25-page PDF

ISO's recent withdrawal of the Truckers Coverage Form means that commercial truck insurance professionals need to learn how the Motor Carrier Coverage Form differs.

Property Insurance Appraisals:
May Appraisers Consider Causation?

by Costantino P. Suriano and William D. Wilson
7-page PDF

The majority of states agree that appraisers may consider causation, at least in those instances where the insurer has not denied coverage.

Social Media: The Business Benefits May Be Enormous,
But Can the Risks - Reputational, Legal, Operational - Be Mitigated?

by Toby Merrill, Kenneth Latham, Richard Santalesa, Esq., and David Navetta, Esq.
13-page PDF

The business benefits of social media participation can be substantial, while the cost of opting out may mean anything from losing business to losing touch with your customers and important trends in your industry.

Water, Water Everywhere ... But Is It Covered?
Insurance Strategies

by Finley Harckham, Esq.
5-page PDF

Presenting and pursuing claims for contingent business interruption and contingent extra expense requires expertise, a plan, and aggressive execution.

Best Practices for Managing Catastrope Risk
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Kenneth R. Rado, John McIlwaine, and Michael H. Hoffman
6-page PDF

Catastrophe models combine physics, meteorology, engineering, statistics, actuarial sciences, and other disciplines to provide the most comprehensive depiction of the likelihood of losses from extreme events.

Don't Be Caught Short: Strategies for Managing Your Product Liability Risks
Loss Control

by Peter Dion and A.V. Riswadkar
6-page PDF

An effective risk management strategy that considers product safety and risk-benefits over the entire life of the product can help in reducing product liability claims and can strengthen the manufacturer's defense position in the event of litigation.

Good or Bad?
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

Is it a good or a bad thing that arbitrations have become more like litigation?

When workers compensation rates go up, get the reference you can count on.

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