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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Winter 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility in China

by John S. Ingram
13-page PDF

Corporate social responsibility is receiving increasing attention in China, particularly from the government and state-owned enterprises.

Clearly Differentiating Between the Old and New Models of Risk Management:
A Discussion of ERM Today

by Donna Galer
8-page PDF

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is an evolving concept. As organizations are increasingly judged on how well they are implementing ERM, doing it well is urgent.

Business Interruption, Enterprise Risk Management, and Supply-Chain Risks

by John W. Schaefer
7-page PDF

Risk managers are moving beyond insurance responsibilities to deal with enterprisewide issues, including business continuity planning.

Dealing With the "Unknown"

by Mark Jablonowski
6-page PDF

The existence of risks that may exist, but about which we have absolutely no knowledge, presents challenges for risk management.

Information Velocity:
The Infrastructure to Automate Claims and Risk Management

by Kathleen Burns and Randy Wheeler
9-page PDF

Effective claims and risk management systems require up to date IT infrastructures that provide seamless integration of data, systems and people.

Builders Risk and Installation Form:
Inland Marine Insurance or Property Insurance?

by William J. Warfel and Jeffrey J. Asperger
15-page PDF

Whether a policy provides inland marine or property insurance is of utmost importance when warranties are breached.

Insurance Coverage for TCPA and FACTA Claims

by John D. Shugrue and Kevin B. Dreher
22-page PDF

Claims under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act raise similar issues regarding commercial general liability coverage.

Insurer Spam: How to Communicate to Agents Effectively
Agent-Broker Perspective

by Thomas E. Nelson and Oliver Nelson
6-page PDF

If insurers want their email messages to be read and acted upon, there are certain principles of communication they need to follow.

Obtaining Coverage for Patent Infringement Claims Involving Advertising Technologies
Insurance Strategies

by John Ellison and Jeremy Heinnickel
5-page PDF

Two recent cases have opened the door for CGL coverage when the allegedly infringed patents involved advertising technology.

Radio Silence and the Dual Role of Arbitrators
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

When and how party appointed arbitrators are allowed to communicate with the parties reflects the dual roles of arbitrators as advocates and impartial decision makers.

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