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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Spring 2010

Ds&Os: Are They Really Covered?

by James D. Wing
12-page PDF

D&O coverage may be seriously lacking when a director or officer is asked to testify in an internal investigation.

Create Underwriting Profits With Your Single-Parent Captive

by Donald J. Riggin
6-page PDF

Single-parent captives can create underwriting profit by assuming more risk and avoiding overfunding.

The Effect of Current and Future Employment Liability Trends on Employers  

by Robert E. Plunkett
20-page PDF

Employers beware! EEOC charges and lawsuits are expected to increase in the next few years.

Avoid Becoming an EEOC Statistic

by Jann Browning
1-page PDF

Take preventive steps to protect yourself from EEOC charges.

Solving the Business Income Coinsurance Quandary  

by Jerome Trupin
13-page PDF

Completion of the Business Income Report/Work Sheet is essential in obtaining agreed value coverage. Here is a guide to filling out the Work Sheet.

Understanding the Data Life Cycle for the Effective Analysis of Risk

by Keith M. Higdon
10-page PDF

Understanding the life cycle of data leads to maximum program efficiency and effectiveness.

Why a Reservation of Rights Letter Is a Reservation for Trouble
Insurance Strategies

by David A. Shaneyfelt
5-page PDF

A reservation of rights letter can pit insurer vs. insured when coverage is uncertain.

Integrating Enterprise Risk Management Into the Company and the Community
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider
6-page PDF

Enterprise risk management coordinates with other departments in the company and with the community to reduce risks for all.

Slippery Slopes: Strategies for Mitigating Slips, Trips, and Falls
Loss Control

by Helene Browning and A.V. Riswadkar
7-page PDF

Many slips, trips, and falls, a leading cause of injury, can be prevented by proper installation and maintenance of floor surfaces.

On the Industry Coverage of University RMI Programs: Is There an Eastern Bias?

by by J. Tim Query
7-page PDF

A growing number of risk management and insurance programs in the West and Southwest deserve the attention given to their counterparts in the East.

Bum Rap Du Jour
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
3-page PDF

If words used in insurance policies mean what they say, but you don't like the meaning, do the words then become "ambiguous"? This author thinks not.

When workers compensation rates go up, get the reference you can count on.

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