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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

The John Liner Review Articles Winter 2010

The D&O Insurance Market Today

by Fred T. Podolsky and Susanne Mast Murray, Esq.
10-page PDF

The D&O market is fluid, and coverage is negotiable. Here are some coverage modifications to consider in light of recent litigation.

Important International Developments in Executive Liability

by Carol A.N. Zacharias
9-page PDF

Countries around the world have enacted laws that impose duties on directors and officers while, at the same time, allowing greater legal redress.

Agent/Broker Liability: A Tutorial for Commercial Policyholders  

by William J. Warfel
12-page PDF

Proper communication between the agent/broker and the policyholder can greatly reduce the risk of an uninsured loss.

Room to Breathe: The "Return" of the Insurer's Right of Discretion in Claims Handling

by C.J. Haddick, Esq.
13-page PDF

This survey of bad faith insurance law, 2007-2009, describes trends in court decisions regarding issues related to insurers' rights in claims handling.

Nonprofits' Most Important Insurance Protection: A General Guide  

by Richard G. Clarke
5-page PDF

Every nonprofit has specific insurance needs. Here is a guide to the most common coverages needed.

Risk Management and the Digital Revolution: A Practical Guide for Meeting the New Information Challenge

by Richard Levick and Dallas Lawrence
7-page PDF

The risk of digital media presents immediate need for risk managers to assess the effectiveness of their digital media programs.

Industrial Control System Security - Current Trends and Risk Mitigation

by Donald J. Fergus
10-page PDF

Reducing the risk of damage to critical infrastructure systems is imperative in today's interconnected world.

How to Avoid Collateral Damage to Your Workers Compensation Program
Insurance Strategies

by Alex D. Hardiman
5-page PDF

Employers should be aware of the precise terms of any collateral agreement and should negotiate unfavorable terms.

Cyber War, ERM, and the Supply Chain
ISO on Enterprise Risk Management

by Robert J. Schneider, Kenneth R. Rado, and Michael H. Hoffman
6-page PDF

Cyber war has the potential to catastrophically affect business operations, and we are unprepared for the impact.

Medications in Water "Take two glasses of water and call me in the morning."
Loss Control

by Steve Knutson, A.V. Riswadkar, Jurg Schmid, and Florian Hiller
7-page PDF

The effects of pharmaceutical products in the water supply are not wholly known. This emerging risk must be assessed and mitigated.

Lost Causes and Casi Belli
Insurance Law

by Eugene Wollan, Esq.
4-page PDF

A curmudgeon always has a cause or two to pursue -- some are lost causes and some are still worth fighting for. Here is one man's list.

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