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Risk Management
Workers Compensation

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The John Liner Review

Summer 2011: Controlling the Risk

Lessons Learned From the Disaster in Japan by Bruce E. Wimmer

Errors & Omissions "Hotspots" and How to Address Them by Curtis M. Pearsall and James T. Scamby, Esq.

The Impact of Budgetary Constraints on the Risk Management Function in Higher Education by J. Tim Query

Transitioning to the Motor Carrier Coverage Form: A Scenario-Based Truck Claims Comparison by Arthur L. Flitner and Carl R. Sadler

Property Insurance Appraisals: May Appraisers Consider Causation? by Costantino P. Suriano and William D. Wilson

Social Media: The Business Benefits May Be Enormous, But Can the Risks - Reputational, Legal, Operational - Be Mitigated? by Toby Merrill, Kenneth Latham, Richard Santalesa, Esq., and David Navetta, Esq.

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Floodwaters Coverage


LOSS CONTROL: Product Liability Risks


Spring 2011: Twenty-Five Years in the Field.
P&C Insurance Industry: A Retrospective 1987-2011 by Donna Galer

Employee Benefits Reserving and Financial Projections for Self-Insured and Captive Programs by Steven Keshner

Designing Liability Protection for Directors and Officers by James D. Wing, Esq. and William E. Dixon
Contractors and Consultants Face Increasingly Strict Environmental Laws by Barbara Deas and William P. Hazelton

Ten Trends in Workers Compensation You Can't Ignore by Katherine E. Allnutt, Esq.

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Omission Impossible? by Diana Gliedman

Risk Management and Capital Competition by Kenneth R. Rado, Robert J. Schneider and Michael H. Hoffman

LOSS CONTROL: Taking a Fall-the Aging Population and Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention by Helene Browning and Clayton Shoup

INSURANCE LAW: Broker Beware by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

BOOK REVIEW: A Field Guide to Workers' Compensation: A Holistic Approach to Improving the Health, Safety and Productiivity of Human Capital by Jean Lucey

Winter 2011: Overconfidence, Underplanning and Overpaying

Overconfidence When Assessing Risk Can Lead to Unintended Consequences by Geary W. Sikich

Pre-Emergency Planning: Is the Devil in the Details? by Judith Burns

Applying Regulatory Science Concepts to Risk-Based Decisions Under the New U.S. Tobacco Control Act by Jim Solyst

Walking the Minefield: Navigating Anti-Indemnity Statutes and Maximizing Third-Party Contractual Indemnification for Construction Contracts by Tracy Alan Saxe and Ashley Rose Adams

Forcing an Insurance Company to Pay Legal Fees for the Coverage Fight: A Study of State Laws by William G. Passannante, Esq., and Marc T. Ladd, Esq.

Directors and Officers Liability and Insurance Update 2011 by Susanne Mast Murray and Fred T. Podolsky

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Don't Settle Away Your Excess Insurance Coverage Dennis J. Artese, Esq. and Marc T. Ladd, Esq.


LOSS CONTROL: Employers: Are You Exposed to Liability Risks from the Use of Independent Contractors? by Helene Browning and A.V. Riswadkar

INSURANCE LAW: QED by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Fall 2010: Disaster! Repercussions and Lessons from the BP Spill, Workers Comp Exclusivity under Attack, Solar Storm Warnings, Surviving Arbitration, and Tips for M&A Insurance Lapses

Risk and Insurance in a Post-Gulf Catastrophe World by James W. Hutchin and Norman A. Baglini

Will BPs Catastrophe in the Gulf Be the Defining Moment for Oil Industry Executives? by Geary W. Sikich

Business Continuity Planning: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Mega-Disasters by Victor Gordon

Mergers and Acquisitions - Insurance Issues by Gregg Bundschuh, J.D.

Application of the Workers Compensation Exclusivity Rule Under Wrap-Up Insurance Programs by David G. Jordan and Jeffrey J. Vita

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Arbitration of Insurance Coverage Disputes: A Policyholders Definitive Survival Guide by John G. Nevius, Esq., P.E., and Peter A. Halprin, Esq.

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Risk Management As a Competitive Advantage by Kenneth R. Rado, Robert J. Schneider, and Michael H. Hoffman

LOSS CONTROL: What Is Your SPF Level? by A.V. Riswadkar and Robert Dobbins

INSURANCE LAW: Sins of Omission by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Summer 2010: Current Risks, Trends, and Instructions

Ten Questions About Chinese Drywall by Rodney J. Taylor

Beyond "Nonadmitted": A Closer Look at Trends Affecting Today's Multinational Insurance Programs by Suresh Krishnan

Proper Preparation for Doing Business in a Foreign Country by Gregg Bundschuh, J.D.

Finding Weaknesses Before They Do: Exception-Based Systems and Fraud by Jonathan E. Turner

Contractors' Commercial General Liability Coverage in Peril by Arthur L. Flitner

Abundant Claims Information: Boon or Bane? by Gary Jennings

Insurance Certificate Disclaimers — A Tutorial by William J. Warfel and Stanley R. Adamson

Recognizing the Value of ERM by Donna Galer

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Security for Contract Performance by Kevin J. Connolly

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Security for Contract Performance by Kenneth R. Rado, Robert J. Schneider, and Michael H. Hoffman

LOSS CONTROL: Bye H1N1? Using Lessons Learned to Stengthen Planning for the Influenza Pandemic Threat by Clayton S. Shoup

INSURANCE LAW: Above and Beyond by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Spring 2010 Diverse Risks, Varied Solutions

Ds&Os: Are They Really Covered? by James D. Wing

Create Underwriting Profits With Your Single-Parent Captive by Donald J. Riggin

The Effect of Current and Future Employment Liability Trends on Employers by Robert E. Plunkett

Avoid Becoming an EEOC Statistic by Jann Browning

Solving the Business Income Coinsurance Quandary by Jerome Trupin

Understanding the Data Life Cycle for the Effective Analysis of Risk by Keith M. Higdon

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Why a Reservation of Rights Letter Is a Reservation for Trouble by David A. Shaneyfelt

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Integrating Enterprise Risk Management Into the Company and the Community by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

LOSS CONTROL: Slippery Slopes: Strategies for Mitigating Slips, Trips, and Falls Helene Browning and A.V. Riswadkar

COMMENTARY: On the Industry Coverage of University RMI Programs: Is There an Eastern Bias? by J. Tim Query

INSURANCE LAW: Bum Rap Du Jour by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Winter 2010: D&O, E&O, and Cyber Risks

The D&O Insurance Market Today by Fred T. Podolsky and Susanne Mast Murray, Esq.

Important International Developments in Executive Liability by Carol A.N. Zacharias

Agent/Broker Liability: A Tutorial for Commercial Policyholders William J. Warfel

Room to Breathe: The "Return" of the Insurer's Right of Discretion in Claims Handling by C.J. Haddick, Esq.

Nonprofits' Most Important Insurance Protection: A General Guide by Richard G. Clarke

Risk Management and the Digital Revolution: A Practical Guide for Meeting the New Information Challenge by Richard Levick and Dallas Lawrence

Industrial Control System Security - Current Trends and Risk Mitigation by Donald J. Fergus

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: How to Avoid Collateral Damage to Your Workers Compensation Program by Alex D. Hardiman

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Cyber War, ERM, and the Supply Chain by Robert J. Schneider, Kenneth R. Rado and, Michael H. Hoffman

LOSS CONTROL: Medications in Water "Take two glasses of water and call me in the morning." by Steve Knutson, A.V. Riswadkar, Jurg Schmid, and Florian Hiller

INSURANCE LAW: Lost Causes and Casi Belli by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Fall 2009: Turbulence, Trials, and Toxic Torts

Managing Through the Turbulence by Donna Galer

Surviving in Turbulent Times by Jerry Theodorou

Managing the Complex Challenges of a Global Insurance Program: Foreign Clinical Trials Case Study by Lee W. Farrow and Robert J. Gaffney
The Future of Class Actions in the European Union by John Evans, James Barratt, and Collette Rawnsley

Consumer Product Safety Notification Requirements: Section 15 of the Consumer Product Safety Act by Eric A. Rubel

Changing Perspectives on Chemical Product Risks by Monica M. Welt and Elizabeth L. Anderson

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: ERM and Pandemics, Part 2 The Military Model: Changing the Outcome by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider, and Michael H. Hoffman

ERM PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY: Best Practices in Enterprise Risk Technology by Angus Rhodes and Laurie Champion

COMMENTARY: Recession-Proofing Work Force Productivity: How Employers Are Managing Disability in a Downturn Economy by Tammy Bradly
INSURANCE STRATEGIES: "Death of Company": Insurance Coverage in Bankruptcy by Joshua Gold

LOSS CONTROL: Product Degradation: When New Becomes Old by Peter Dion

INSURANCE LAW: Do Clothes Make the Man? by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Summer 2009: Product Liability

Product Recalls: Recall Prevention Strategies to Reduce Product Liability Risk by Arthur Miller, Bradley Murlick, and Melanie Neumann

Emerging Solutions for Risk Transfer in Product Liability by Andrea Tecce, James Deaver, and Robert Jacobs

Asbestos Claims and Litigation by Robin Cantor, Mary Lyman, and Richard Reiss

New on the Horizon: Nanotechnology by Lynn L. Bergeson

Strategic Enterprise Risk Management and Pharmaceuticals by Cathy Burgess, Steve Niedelman, and John Fleder

Perspectives From Europe: A Pan-European Tour of a Changing Landscape John Evans, James Barratt, and Collette Rawnsley

Private Product-Risk Assessment and the Role of Government by E. Donald Elliott and Gail Charnley Elliott

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Enterprise Risk Management and Pandemic Outbreaks by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

COMMENTARY: Balancing the Risks of Remote Working: Walking the Telecommuting Line by Amit Riswadkar and A.V. Riswadkar

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Insurance Coverage for the Alleged Sale of Counterfeit Goods by Diana Shafter Gliedman and Kanishka Agarwala

INSURANCE LAW: The Near Impossibility of Anti-Insurer Polemics by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Spring 2009: Coverages and Strategies

Climate Change Is Heating Up D&O Liability by Carol A.N. Zacharias

Corporate Responses to D&O Indemnification Following Schoon v. Troy by Costa N. Kensington and Wendy Williamson

The Need for Cooperative Electronic Discovery in Mid-Size Cases by William W. Belt, Jr., and Mark S. Yacano

The Marriage of Workers Compensation and Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Maine by Donald V. Hale and Allan M. Muir, Esq.
8-page PDF

Financing Your Risk Program -- 2009 by David F. Brauer

Forecasting Mesothelioma: Improvements in the Nicholson Methodology Are Better Predictors of the Recent Past by Jessica B. Horewitz and Jorge Sirgo

Do You Want a Side Agreement to Go With That Insurance Policy? by John G. Nevius

LOSS CONTROL: Cell Phone Liability for Employers by James Noble and A.V. Riswadkar

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: Enterprise Risk Management and the Betting Man by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

COMMENTARY: How to Keep Tabs on Your Insurers by David Collings and Barbara Sable

INSURANCE LAW: Arson Law and Disorder by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Winter 2009: Coverages and Strategies

Insurance for Cyber Exposures: Coming of Age in the New Millennium by Richard G. Clarke

The D&O Insurance Market Today by Susanne Mast Murray and Fred T. Podolsky

Separating the Nuts From the Bolts: Insurance Coverage for Products Liability Claims Alleging Property Damage by by Kevin Dreher

The "Auto" and "Mobile Equipment" Changes in General Liability and Commercial Auto Policies by Arthur L. Flitner

Turning "Silver" Into "Gold": Strategies for Working With the Ever-Growing Aging Work Force by Jeff Chilcott, Renee Mattaliano, Lance Perry, A.V. Riswadkar, and Clayton Shoup

Leased Employees and Other Contingent Workers: Panacea or Pandora's Box? by Tacita A. Mikel Scott and E. Abena Antwi

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: The Product Quality Challenge and ERM by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: The Claim Game by Diana Shafter Gliedman
INSURER INSOLVENCY: How to Maximize Coverage When Your Insurer Is Declared Insolvent by Kimberly Winter

INSURANCE LAW: Lloyd's of Hollywood by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Fall 2008: Emerging and Ongoing Issues

The New Risk Management Paradox: Social Trends, Risk Management, and Public Policy by Gerald F. Ladner

Going Global — Emerging International Issues for Environmental Programs by Karl J. Russek and William P. Hazelton

Captives for the Middle Market by Don MacMeekin

Trade Dress Infringement Litigation: An Identification of Potential Coverage Issues by William J. Warfel

Risk Management Considerations in Regard to Corporate E-mail and Electronic Documents by Albert Kassis

Mitigating the Risk of Hiring and Payroll Fraud by Donald J. Fergus

Loss Development for the Non-Claims Person by David F. Brauer

ISO ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: The 80% Solution: Broadening Supply-Chain Risk Management as Practical Enterprise Risk Management by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

COMMENTARY: The ERM Machine: Has Risk Management Lost Its Way? by Rick Vassar

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: D&O Insurance — Are You Getting the Coverage You Thought You Bought? by Jeffrey E. Glen

INSURANCE LAW: Lloyd's of Hollywood by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Summer 2008: Emerging and Ongoing Issues

Pandemic: How Unprepared Are We? by Geary W. Sikich

Managing the Emerging Risks of Nanotechnology by Connie Germano

London 2012: Olympic Risk, Risk Management, and Olymponomics by Will Jennings

Managing the Risks of Patents: Changes on the Horizon for Business Method Patents by John R. Harris

The Regulation of Captives by Michael R. Mead

E-Discovery Rules and Risks: Understanding the Real-World Rules for the Virtual World of Electronic Documentation by Mike Herlihy and Gregg Bundschuh

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage for Subprime Liabilities: We Have Been Here Before by James Fournier

AGENT-BROKER PERSPECTIVE: "Satisficing" Is Not Satisfying in the Long Run by Thomas E. Nelson

COVERAGE ISSUES: "Certificates of Insurance" and "Additional Insured" Coverage: Maximize Value and Avoid Pitfalls by Robyn Anderson

INSURANCE LAW: On Visibility and Reputational Damage Control by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Spring 2008: Risk Management for Persons, Places, and Property

Managing Property Terrorism Risk by Jill Dalton

Environmental Insurance for Former Military Bases by Robert P. Hallenbeck, Jr.

Contracts: Risk Management Issues and Solutions by R. Scott Ecker

The True Cost to Rebuild to Code by Christopher J. Boggs

Food Allergy Risks in the Hospitality Industry by Diana Craig, A.V. Riswadkar, and FAAN

Financial Service Opportunities in the Arabian Gulf by Michael R. Koblenz and Russell Witten

INSURANCE LAW: A Question of Procedure by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Limitations on Attorney-Client Privilege by Marshall Gilinsky, Esq.

AGENT-BROKER PERSPECTIVE: Minimizing Collection of Worthless Data by Thomas E. Nelson

ISSUES IN EMPLOYMENT: Employment Practices Liability Insurance: A Primer by Frances Railey

COMMENTARY: Next Steps Toward a More Practical ERM Application by Kenneth R. Rado and Robert J. Schneider

Winter 2008: International Risks and Specific Coverages

Corporate Responsibility in China by John S. Ingram

Enterprise Risk Management Today by Donna Galer

ERM and Supply-Chain Risks by John W. Schaefer

Dealing With the Unknown by Mark Jablonowski

Information Velocity by Kathleen Burns and Randy Wheeler

Builders Risk: Inland Marine or Property Insurance by William J. Warfel and Jeffrey J. Asperger

AGENT-BROKER PERSPECTIVE: Effective Communication With Agents by Thomas E. Nelson and Oliver Nelson

INSURANCE STRATEGIES: Coverage for Patent Infringement Claims by John Ellison and Jeremy Heinnickel

INSURANCE LAW: Radio Silence and the Dual Role of Arbitrators by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

Fall 2007: Global Risks and Insurance Coverages

The Rise of Systemic Risk by Lawrence Pistell

Political Risk in Emerging Markets by Fredrik Mürer

EPL Coverage for Smaller Companies by Anthony J. Trivella

Pandemic Influenza and Continuity Planning by A.V. Riswadkar and Clayton S. Shoup

Insurance Archaeology by William G. Passannante and Sheila Mulrennan

Stock Option Backdating Claims by David E. Wood, Esq.

AGENT-BROKER PERSPECTIVE: Too Many Words Obscure Meaning by Thomas E. Nelson

LOSS CONTROL: Salvage Supply and Demand by Dan Parsley

INSURANCE LAW: Judge-Made Law by Eugene Wollan, Esq.

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