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Risk Management
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Timing Counts
Negative remarks can often be quelled when matched with a powerful opposing argument, as the insurance industry recently reaffirmed.
Traditions Past
December 15, December 15, what is it I usually do around this time of year? Oh, right, no auto rate decision this year!
Insurance is All Around
Songs, movies, celebrities – there's no limit to the ways in which insurance can affect everyday life.
Know Your Role
Speaking with conviction is useful. Speaking with accuracy is imperative.
Keep Consistent
Diplomacy can make the life of insurance regulators easier, but it should be accompanied by a modicum of consistency.
Sounds of Summer
Summer's over, but 2007's July-August stretch was anything but idyllic for the insurance industry.
Potential Unsubstantiation
Should the industry be so quick to praise studies and reports that bolster its view, but aren't necessarily going to hold up under stricter scrutiny?
Beacon Mutual's scandal leads to questions about industry practices and what the role of an insurer of last resort should be.
Old Arguments, New Prospects
When it seems everything has been said or written about auto insurance reform that could ever be, it's apparently time to start rewriting.
The Sound of Settling*
Sometimes celebrities present the wrong image. Usually, it only affects them – but what about when they convey the wrong impression about insurance?

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