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Risk Management
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Fear Factor
There seems to be a widening stream of mistrust between independent insurance agents and insurers over a variety of issues in New England.
Charter Support
The announcement that a group with a beeline to the United States government decision-makers  favors an optional federal charter for insurance will alternately delight and dismay segments of the insurance industry.
Antitrust Irony
Discussion in Congress of potentially repealing the insurance industry’s limited federal antitrust exemption should be of special importance to New Englanders, given the area’s reliance on both rating organizations and smaller, regional insurance companies.
Evaluating the AG
Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley's office marks dubious victories for consumers over car insurers.
Banking on Beacon
Predicting the verdict of the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation's report on Beacon Mutual Insurance Company – I bet on Beacon.
CAT Commotion
Commissioners, state officials are pressing for action on coastal property insurance -- could misdirected solutions produce unintended consequences? Obviously!
Picking Potential
What does Mass. Gov. Deval L. Patrick's insurance commissioner pick presage for the future?
New Jersey's New Deal
New Jersey's average auto insurance premiums dropped by nearly $1,000 -- what did the trick?
Flood of Ideas
Rep. Taylor recommended a multi-peril flood plan policy, but is it a real solution?
Outside Effect
While we here at The Standard focus on New England, the reality is that frequently events outside our fair region can have an impact on these six states.

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